The Town of Medina is in northeast Dane County, Wisconsin. The Town was established at a meeting held April 4, 1848 at the residence of Louis Morrill in Bird’s Ruins. After several name changes Bird’s Ruins became the Village of Marshall which is in the central area of the Town of Medina. The 2016 estimated population of the Town was 1386. The Maunesha River meanders through the Town and a significant portion of the Marshall Millpond lies in the Town. Riley-Deppe Park is situated on the Marshall Millpond in the Town of Medina off STH 19.


Wed August 17 2022 New Town Hall Plan B Committee Meeting

08-17-2022 Special Board Mtg Budget Workshop Amended

08-17-2022 Special Board Mtg Budget Workshop

Badger Challenge Town of Medina Resident Letter

08-10-2022 Special Elector Mtg DRAFT

08-04-2022 Special District Mtg Min APPROVED

08-03-2022 Special Board Mtg Min APPROVED

07-13-2022 Mo Min APPROVED

06-28-2022 PC Mtg Minutes DRAFT

06-08-2022 Mo Min APPROVED

05-11-2022 Mo Mtg Min APPROVED

05-16-2022 New Town Hall Committee Mtg Minutes DRAFT

04-07-2022 Special Mtg Min APPROVED

04-13-2022 Mo Mtg Min APPROVED

04-19-2022 Special Board Mtg APPROVED

April 19 2022 Annual Mtg Min DRAFT

2021 Noxious Weeds Notice


Medina 2020 Comprehensive Plan DRAFT April 2022

Dog License Application 2022

Town Info 2022

2022 Treasurer Info

2022 Approved Budget

WIS 73 resurfacing, Deerfield to Marshall – Dane County (

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Upcoming Elections:

August 9, 2022

November 8, 2022

2021-01 Fee Schedule Resolution

Medina Recycling/Trash Center Open on