Chairman: Todd Weinberger  608-655-3030  Term Ends: April 2021
Supervisors: John Hellenbrand  920-988-9228  Term Ends: April 2021
Sue Zingshiem  608-655-3530  Term Ends: April 2020
John Ward  608-279-8950  Term Ends: April 2021
Phillip Braithwaite  608-655-3700  Term Ends: April 2020
Clerk Tammy Jordan  608-219-3556  Term Ends: April 2021
Treasurer Leaota Braithwaite  608-655-3700  Term Ends: April 2021
PLANNING COMMISSION Phillip Braithwaite (Chair)  Term Ends: April 2021
Sue Zingshiem (Secretary)  Term Ends: April 2020
Rodell Reamer  Term Ends: April 2020
Mike Haag  Term Ends: April 2021
Lonnie Benish  Term Ends: April 2020
Town Garage Jim Hellenbrand, Town Patrolman 608-219-3643
Recycling Sue Zingshiem
Building Inspector Steve Rewey 608-212-1656
Assessor Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. 1-800-721-4157
Fax 920-731-4158
Garbage Pickup Waste Management 1-866-331-1993
WE Energies Electric Outages 1-800-662-4797
EMS DISTRICT # 14 Scott Allain, EMS Director 608-655-4655
MARSHALL FIRE DEPT Blair Pierce, Fire Chief 608-228-4674
DANE COUNTY SHERIFF: Dane County Com Center Non-Emergency 608-255-2345
Sheriff’s Office General Phone 608-284-6800
Sheriff’s Office General Jail 608-284-6100
Community Deputy Lisa Krause 608-283-3966
“As the Town of Medina Community Deputy, I am responsible for: community relations,
general questions, traffic concerns, at-risk children & adults, safety planning, addressing
on-going or reoccurring issues with preventative problem-solving, whether it’s of a criminal
nature or people with mental health or other addiction needs. By request, I present on
various social topics like, drug prevention and usage, identity crimes, internet safety,
bullying and risky behavior in teenagers. I also sit on the truancy board with the Marshall
School District and attend the monthly Joining Forces for Families meeting.”
DANE COUNTY Dennis O’loughlin, County Supervisor 608-225-6562
Dane County Planning & Development 608-266-4251
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